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  • To create and broadcast a space in a stifling world where our voices are not heard and where the media is tightly controlled.
  • To be independent from media and art where every word is bought and sold, by offering something for free.
  • To broadcast programmes, communicate and explain events, as they occur, without being censored.
  • To raise questions and provide information in a politically controlled world, undermining the power of the controllers.
  • To provide an alternative to mainstream media culture and what they hold sacred; having fun whilst not taking ourselves too seriously.
  • To provide a real community radio for Brighton.
  • To give accurate current accounts of local and global political events.
  • Because we are, like you, real people who make mistakes in a "perfect" world represented by businessmen, politicians and professionals saturated with information and a media that says nothing.
  • Something to listen to ... because the silence is deafening.